Incorporated in 1989, Tata Technologies, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, is an industrial product engineering service company. The company offers outsourced product design, engineering, research and development services to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) companies in the aerospace, automotive and machinery sectors. In FY 2021-22, the company derived 37% of its revenue from Asia-Pacific, 31% from Europe, and 32% from North America. Currently, the company is the top unlisted – blue-chip stock in the grey market which can give people a reason to invest in its unlisted shares. The company also announced its Initial Public Offerings (IPO) of unlisted shares with a valuation of around Rs. 16,200 crores to Rs. 20,000 crores. We can expect the Tata Technologies IPO price to be around Rs. 900 and Rs. 1000 per equity share. 

Wondering how profitable investment in Tata Technologies unlisted shares would be for you? Stick to this blog till the end to know Tata Technologies unlisted share price and how profitable it will be. Let’s dig in below. 

Update on Tata Technologies Unlisted Share Price  

Presently, Tata Technologies stocks are trading at Rs. 880 per equity share in the unlisted share market. If we dig deep into the company’s financial performance, the revenue from Tata Technologies unlisted share price has increased dramatically, rising from 2400 Cr in FY21 to 3500 Cr in FY23. Let’s understand the financials of the company via the table below. 

Particulars (In Cr.)2019-202020-212021-22
Total Income 2896.942425.743578.35
PAT 251.55239.18436.97
Book Value Per Share443.17512.40545.40
Equity 1852.612142.172280.15

If you see, in FY 22, the company reported revenue of Rs. 3578.35 Cr, 48% more than the previous year. At the same time, the net profit surged by 87% to 437.97 Cr. The company makes most of its revenue from the Tata Group, particularly Jaguar, Land Rover and Tata Motors. The company’s well-performing financials is the reason investors invest in Tata Technologies unlisted shares. Let’s discuss the benefits of investing in Tata Technologies. 

Advantages Of Investing In Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares 

After seeing the company’s financial performance, it can be said that the investment in Tata Technologies unlisted shares can be profitable in the future for investors. Also, there are numerous benefits; let’s cover them in the points below: 

  • Tata Technologies is a well-established and famous company as its products are quite high in demand. This rightly reveals that the company will perform well in the future. 
  • Investing in Tata Technologies IPO stocks will give investors a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the already established company. This is indeed a significant way to get high ROI in the long term. 
  • Investors can also boost their investment portfolio by investing in the IPO. This way, investors can deal with the risks and ensure their investment is well-managed. 
  • Investment in an IPO will give investors an opportunity to be a part of the success of the major global player in the engineering and technology services industry. 

After evaluating the company’s financial performance and knowing the benefits of investment in its unlisted shares, you should not forget to check Tata Technologies unlisted share price. 

How To Invest In Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares Seamlessly? 

Tata Technologies is a renowned name in the tech industry, offering investors a great opportunity to be a part of the success of the company through its unlisted shares. To invest in an IPO, you will have to connect with an online broking platform in India that will help you throughout the trading process. Once the company goes public, its shares will be available to buy and sell on the open market. To make the trading process hassle-free, you can count on India’s broking platform Stockify. The expert brokers at Stockify will provide you with the relevant information about the company, like its EPS growth, EBITDA, Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet, and other key factors to help you make a wise decision. 

Earn High ROI By Investing In Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares

Tata Technologies and its IPO would be the first for Tata Group since Tata Consultancy Services went public in 2004. Tata Technologies would be the first under Tata Group chairman N Chandrasekaran, who took over in 2017. So, this is a great opportunity for investors to be a part of a well-established company. Though the company seems to be profitable in the long run, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with its unlisted shares. So, it’s important for you to learn about the company, its past performance, and how it works in the industry. What are you waiting for? Just start trading and connect with Stockify today.