The massively popular online game, Diety of Evernight, calls on players to face off against bosses, surpass obstacles, and level up in order to increase their fighting strength. In this article, we will provide some advice to assist gamers in mastering Diety of Evernight and boosting their combat power.

Gaining Proficiency

Boosting your combat power is the starting point of your journey in Deity of Evernight. The most efficient approach to gain XP is to carry out daily missions such as the Daily Task, Dharma Ancestral Hall and God of War assignments. These tasks provide a noteworthy amount of experience, which is necessary for rapidly increasing your level.

In order to enter the Dharma Ancestral Hall, you must have a pass which can be gotten by synthesizing certain materials in Cultivation mode, or you can purchase it with bound ingots. If you have VIP4 or higher, it is recommended to buy additional instance limits to aid your progress and help you level up faster.

Modernizing Gear

Your combat abilities are significantly boosted with the proper gear. In Diety of Evernight, the most common methods for obtaining equipment are to beat world bosses with stamina or finish the Sword Demon’s Mirage instance with a limited number of attempts. Doing so presents you with the opportunity to obtain equipment. Additionally, you can use equipment synthesis to get higher level armor and equipment resonance.

When crafting equipment, it is wise to ensure that each slot is upgraded at the same rate to obtain the highest possible forging strength with the same amount of copper coins. This will also provide the greatest strengthening bonus. Additionally, you can give surplus equipment to the Sky-Swallowing Whale for experience and a boost to your combat power, or donate it to your gang for gang contribution points. These points can be exchanged in the gang warehouse for other items. The world boss mode not only offers equipment but also has the potential to drop martial arts manuals. These books not only trigger their own bonus but also trigger multiple martial arts resonances, which can be used to augment combat power.

Partners, Mounts, Divine Weapons, Secret Armaments, and Wing Enhancements

Besides increasing your level and getting better gear, a player’s combat power can be augmented by upgrading partners, mounts, divine weapons, hidden weapons, and wings. Once the maximum level is attained, obtaining new partners and mounts will also help to boost combat power. Finding various partners and mounts is also one of the great pleasures of playing the game.

One should also observe that, apart from items, even the transformation of outfits, animals, partners, and divine weapons can also augment one’s combat power, thus providing supplementary advantages to those who take pleasure in collecting costumes.


Gaining combat strength can be achieved by taking part in events found in Diety of Evernight. Such events can offer rewards such as experience, equipment, and bound ingots. Below are some of the available events:

Martial Arts Tournament: This event takes place over three nights – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – starting from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Competitors can battle it out in up to ten matches, and those who are victorious in all of them will be rewarded with three boxes that contain Wing and Purple Essence Chest.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 8:00, the Tianshan Treasure event takes place. In the 15 minute period, players will engage in a one-on-one random PK battle and receive rewards based on their ranking at the end.

Alternative Strategies to Increase Fighting Strength

As you make your way through the game, you will be able to access more powerful ways to increase your fighting power. Here are some of them:

Once a particular stage has been achieved, the Dragon Vein System is accessible. This feature provides gamers with the opportunity to enhance their abilities and augment their combat effectiveness.

At level 240 players can access the Scripture Pavilion, which provides them with the opportunity to increase their fighting capabilities through the use of new martial arts techniques.

The Gang Heart Method is a process that can be unlocked once a player joins a gang. It enhances their gang-specific abilities, strengthening their combat capacity.

In Summary

In order to become stronger in Diety of Evernight, you must complete various quests and dungeons to gain experience and equipment. This can be extremely time consuming, however, there is an Android simulator called RedFinger which can provide a helping hand. Utilizing RedFinger can save a great deal of time when playing Diety of Evernight.