What is Pre Wedding Photo

If you are planning to hire a photographer to take your wedding photos, there are some tips to keep in mind before your wedding day. There are four main parts to a wedding photo shoot. These are Locations, Pose ideas, and the Timeline. The location will have a significant impact on your photographs, so it’s important to choose the best location possible. The following tips can help you find the best location for your wedding photos.

Pose ideas

A couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot can take on many different forms. One idea is to recreate a famous movie pose. This may include scenes from classic movies such as Star Wars or Dirty Dancing. Another great idea is to re-enact the proposal.

This traditional pose is great for capturing the love between two people. It shows their undying commitment. Another idea is to show support for each other. This is an extremely romantic and fun pose. The hands and arms are important in this photo shoot, because they show the intimate connection between two people.


Locations for pre-wedding photo shoots are many and varied. If you’re looking for a romantic backdrop, there are numerous options. For example, if you’d like to take photos of the bride and groom in a traditional setting, you can visit the Taj Mahal. While the Taj Mahal is usually crowded, you can still get special permissions to take pictures in certain areas.

Alternatively, you can choose a city or a fort to give your shots an antique, retro feel. Historic buildings such as forts can make for stunning pre-wedding pictures. The interiors of hotels also make for beautiful pre-wedding photographs.


It is essential to have a timeline when planning a pre-wedding photo shoot. Not only does it help the photographer keep track of time, but it can also benefit the bride and bridal party. It also makes the photographer look more professional. Make sure you include enough time for travel to various locations.

You can also discuss your timeframe with the photographer, as different styles require different timeframes. For example, a photographer who uses film will need breaks to switch rolls of film, and a photographer who uses lighting equipment will need time to set up their equipment. Also, discuss any background requirements that need to be addressed, and the number of people who will be helping the photographer.


When planning a pre-wedding photo shoot, props play a significant role. They can add a playful and whimsical touch to the pictures. For instance, ornate frames are fun photo props to hold while posing for photos. You can also use floating toys or guitars to add a dramatic look to your photos.

Another great idea for a pre-wedding photo shoot is a picnic! The couple can sit under a tree or sit on a bench, or have their photos taken in a scenic location. Adding a picnic basket or two picnic baskets can bring the photos to life and evoke memories of first dates. Make sure to keep the picnic elements in a color palette appropriate for the theme.
Creative concept

There are many ways to make your pre-wedding photo shoot unique and fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started. First, consider what your couple loves and what they like to do together. For instance, if they love to read, posing with their favorite books can be a great idea. It will also make your pictures more romantic and exciting.

Second, try to incorporate the groom into the pre-wedding photo shoot. You can include some small details and also some wide shots of the couple. By using different perspectives and angles, you will be able to make your pictures more dynamic and interesting. Also, do not forget about composition. Include some foreground elements that are out of focus, such as a tree or a pillar. You can also try using architectural elements or natural frames to add more depth and variety to your images.