Tata Capital, a subsidiary of Tata Group is all set to appoint Shubman Gill as the brand ambassador for the company. This can prove to be an excellent decision on Tata Capital’s part. We all know cricket in India is enormous and having someone of Shubman’s stature as your brand ambassador can garner you a lot of popularity.  While stating their position, the company said that Shubman is a self-made man who, through hard work, worked his way up the ladder of the cricket world. He is the embodiment of the youth of India. 

The company also said that this association will help in accelerating and amplifying the brand name making Tata Capital the preferred financial service brand in the eyes of the customers. As part of an association, Shubman will feature in a multimedia campaign that will help bring life to the brand’s purpose of fulfilling the aspirations of India. Now the question that comes to mind is how will Tata Capital benefit from this arrangement and what will happen to the unlisted Tata Capital share price. 

How Shubman Gill As Brand Ambassador Benefits Tata Capital

Having a Brand Ambassador that is popular among youth is always good. There are a lot of people in India who will get to know what Tata Capital is after Shubman becomes the brand ambassador. So having a brand ambassador has the ability to bring new eyes to your brand and help it expand in markets previously left unattended. This will have a positive effect on the investors too. Tata Capital is not listed on any stock market but it offers unlisted shares through the grey market; the signing of Shubman Gill has increased the Unlisted Tata Capital share price from ₹450 to ₹510. 

Many people buy unlisted shares and for those people, this deal can be beneficial as Tata Capital offers unlisted shares in the grey market. The signing of Shubman Gill has benefited Tata Capital because after this appointment Tata Capital share price increased but since then there has been a fall in Tata Capital share prices. 

Why You Should Invest In Tata Capital?

With a revenue of more than ₹13,000 crore, Tata Capital is one of the biggest Financial Services companies in India. Signing Shubman Gill is a very positive thing for investors because having a youth icon as a brand ambassador will only increase the shares of Tata Capital. Moreover, seeing a familiar face would allow people to trust the brand easily which will be reflected in Tata Capital share prices. The more Shubman Gill wins in his cricket matches, the better it is for the investors and it’s safe to say that Shubman Gill has a bright future ahead. Tata’s name is another reason why you should invest in this company because history has proved that Tata companies don’t do badly in the share market and they always come out on top. Recently, Tata Technologies has also filed for IPO which means that Tata Capital can also see an increase in its share price because both of the companies share the same parent company. 

Is Tata Capital Coming With An IPO?

Lately, there have been talks about Tata Capital coming out with an IPO. Tata Capital is planning to go public and wants a valuation like Jio Financial Services that is $17.4 billion. The plan includes the consolidation of different Tata firms under Tata Capital and the expansion of the company’s board. Companies like Tata Cleantech Capital and Tata Capital finance services have already been approved to merge with Tata Capital Ltd.  IPO is expected to start in March 2024. This along with the signing of Shubman Gill will further increase Tata Capital share price. So if you’re looking to buy unlisted shares of Tata Capital then this is the right time. That being said, there is still some time left in Tata Capital’s IPO as we mentioned above. The IPO is expected to start in March 2024 but it may not be listed till 2025. 

Future Of Tata Capital After Shubman Gill Deal

Tata Capital is a big company with a revenue of more than ₹13,000 crore. It seems to have a bright future considering investors’ aspirations. Shubman Gill’s presence will only make things better as he will be bringing popularity to the company. With this popularity and the news of the upcoming IPO, it seems like the right time to invest in Tata Capital. Also many other Tata companies are about to come under Tata Capital which will further help increase the share price. Make sure that you only use trusted trading platforms like Stockify so that your money remains safe. If you’re looking to buy unlisted shares of Tata Capital or other pre-IPO companies then Stockify can help you with its expert advice and up-to-date data for you to evaluate.