Want to complete a perfect plastering to make your house look attractive both inside and out? Sounds intriguing, Right? Plastering , which is considered as a crucial step in the building process , increases the beauty of the home. Plastering the walls of the home decides the strength of the structure. When the plastering work is in progress, one has to keep a hawk’s eye as it is the key to a healthy and long building life. Being a house construction company in Bangalore, we undertake many turnkey housing projects in Bangalore. Moreover, we also provide you with the updated house construction cost in Bangalore.

Understanding the Concept of Plastering:

Plastering is the process of covering uneven and rough surfaces with polymeric materials like plaster or mortar to create a consistent, smooth, regular, transparent, and a long-lasting surface. By using a mixture of lime or gypsum, sand, and water to strengthen the structure, it makes the walls and ceilings more waterproof, adhesive, and water-resistant. Further, to prevent the entry of porous materials into the masonry surfaces of the structure, plastering work is undertaken.

Various Types of Plastering:

Following are the different types of plastering followed when constructing a building.

  • Cement plaster
  • Lime plaster
  • Mud plaster
  • Gypsum plaster
  • Heat-resistant plaster

Advantages of Plastering:

  • The current plasterboard is given a strong and durable finish by plastering. A chemical reaction happens when water leaks out of the cement mixture. This reaction strengthens the mixture even more, resulting in walls that are stronger and more resistant to the elements.
  • After plastering is complete, an even surface is produced that makes it easier to apply paints smoothly. The house has a stunning appearance when the walls are painted.
  • Plastering adds aesthetic appeal to a building or structure by giving the walls a steady, even finish.
  • Plastering is a quick and easy process that enables timely completion of any restoration work.
  • Plastering is completely pollution-free, therefore even after prolonged exposure it leaves less dust on the surface.
  • As it is less prone to result in surface cracking, it provides a faultless finish on the surfaces of the walls.

Disadvantages of Plastering:

Plastering has few drawbacks too which are listed below.

  • Plastering calls for more skilled labourers, which drives up production costs.
  • Maintaining a plastered wall is a difficult task. Walls made of textured plaster can be particularly challenging to keep clean.
  • Plaster deteriorates over time, becoming increasingly brittle and hard. The result could be surface cracking.
  • The procedure of plastering is expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, expert hands are required for plaster repair and replacement.

You need to know these 5 things if you want the plaster of the house to last longer without developing any cracks.

  • The wall needs to be kept flat and in a straight line as the first and most important element. This will guarantee that the wall’s surface does not vary in thickness. The likelihood of the plaster dropping and forming cracks increases with its thickness. To maintain thinness, try.  That is all there is to it.
  • Spraying the wall with water and waiting for it to cure is required the day before plastering. This will ensure that the plaster doesn’t become weakened by the bricks sucking water from it.
  • Before plastering, the beam and the column must be treated with cement water. By adding strength, this will guarantee a strong bond between the plaster and the wall.
  • Make sure the PPC cement is not older than 60 days if you’re using it in the plaster mixture to prevent lumps from forming on it.
  • Use chicken or fibre mesh to cover the connection between the column and brick wall.

Hope the article about the top 5 things to know before plastering your home was useful and informative. To know more about house plastering and other civil related works, you can get in touch with us as we are one of the reputed house construction company in Bangalore. Besides, we also provide adequate information about the house construction cost in Bangalore in a most reliable way.