Anyone who has heard about UPVC doors and windows must have thought of this question sometime in their lives. UPVC, also called Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is a low maintenance construction material that can be used as a substitute for painted wood. It is mostly applied for door and window frames. Factors like high noise levels, pollution, and heat can take away the peace of your inner space to a great extent. Using UPVC, windows and doors can be more effective and affordable when it comes to budget. UPVC windows are being replaced by PVC doors and windows.

UPVC window and door frames offer intense thermal and noise installation. These windows are made using a plastic powder called UPVC. The UPVC is heated to a certain temperature and then moulded it as per the required shape. After being injected into a mould, several cooling techniques are applied to it. Then , the material is cut and prepared along with other components to be assembled in the window. UPVC are generally stronger than any other material available in the market as they are free from chemicals and plasticizers. They are also highly durable and possess multipurpose functionalities. The cost of UPVC windows in Bangalore vary from Rs. 350 to Rs.880 per sqft.

UPVC windows, doors, and advantages

UPVC doors and windows have several advantages that are listed below.

  • House Insulation – As it helps to minimise the energy costs  associated with heating and cooling the interiors, UPVC windows have better insulation properties  than any other material. The double-glass pane has a layer of air in between, that provides the windows with its insulation benefits.
  • Easy to maintain – They are easy to maintain and durable. The window frames are sustainable and have longer life which in turn increases the overall  value of the property.
  • Environment Friendly – UPVC frames are totally environment friendly as they are free from chemicals and other hazardous substances. They act as an eco-friendly substitute for wooden window frames. Available in various designs and styles, UPVC frames have a high-quality finish which makes them the most versatile options for window frames.
  • High-quality – When compared with conventional windows that are made of wood, UPVC windows are of a better quality in terms of insulation, noise-cancellation, and weather resistant properties. They are known for retaining their strength, colour, and functionality for a long duration of time. For many homeowners UPVC for window grill design is also a popular choice.

The below table shows why UPVC doors and windows are a better option than wooden frames.

UPVC window framesPVC window frames
Does not contain any chemicals.PVC contains chemical materials and substances.
UPVC is a robust material and less porous.PVC is more porous and requires more maintenance over a period of time.
UPVC is known for thermal efficiency and durability.PVC is known for less thermal efficiency and durability.
More often used for doors and windowsNot often used for doors and windows
Low in cost and highly durableLow cost but less durable
They have better insulation propertiesPVC have less insulation properties
UPVC are easy to maintainPVC are not easy to maintain
UPVC are environment friendlyPVC are less environment friendly
They have a high-quality finishThey have a low-quality finish
Available in various designs and stylesLimited options available as far designs and styles are concerned.

Final Take:

UPVC and PVC are not the same. Despite the similar name, they both vary from each other in their own ways. PVC has that bendable quality which allows its products to be flexible without breaking. On the other hand, UPVC is used for products that need strength and toughness to perform.