Whether you’re looking for a new cut, color or both, it’s important to pick a style that works for your body and skin tone.

Rodney Cutler, Redken artist, explains that a haircut needs to check several boxes in order to look youthful and healthy. Here, he shares his tips for choosing the right hair length to make you look years younger.


The question of whether short hair makes you look younger is one that has been around for quite a while. The answer depends on a variety of factors, including your face shape, age, and lifestyle.

If you have a square, rectangular, or oval-shaped face, opt for a shorter cut that frames your face and draws attention to your best features. The pixie, bob, or cropped lob are all classics that work wonders for this purpose.

Bangs are also a great addition to any short style, as they help draw focus to the eyes and soften fine lines on your forehead. Side bangs are particularly flattering on aging women, as they make the face appear more youthful and slimmer.

Layers are a wonderful way to add volume and dimension to any short haircut. Stylists can create a number of layered looks, from blunt lobs to long pixies with bangs.

Adding layers is especially important when you have curly, wavy, or unruly hair that needs to be styled, because it helps to keep your locks looking sleek and smooth without making them look too heavy. Ask your stylist for soft, seamless layers to give you a look that’s both elegant and youthful.

You can get a similar look at home by using a molding paste or wax before styling. It will help to ensure that your pixie or bob stays neat and flattering.

Another easy hairdo that works on shorter hair is finger coils, which showcase your natural curls and add a hint of fun to the look. You can also get a similar effect by styling your hair in an updo or ponytail.

When it comes to length, most people prefer to go with a shorter hairstyle as they get older. This is for several reasons, but most of them have to do with practicality.


When it comes to what length of hair makes you look younger, medium is a great choice. Not only is it a more manageable length, but it also makes your locks appear more voluminous.

This is due to the fact that medium strands have a wider diameter than fine hair. This gives them more surface area for absorbing moisture, which in turn helps to keep your locks soft and supple.

However, like all hair textures, medium strands are still prone to damage from excessive heat styling and harsh chemicals. To help combat this, try to keep your strands clean and free of dirt and grime with daily shampooing.

Moreover, use shampoo and conditioner with nourishing ingredients to help keep your locks smooth, shiny and healthy. This will prevent split ends and breakage, which can cause thinning in the long run.

A medium haircut can make you look more youthful by creating the illusion of a thinner neck and narrower cheekbones. This can be achieved by choosing the right cut, color and style.

For women with wide foreheads and round faces, a bob that touches the shoulders can be a perfect solution. This hairstyle will hide a big forehead and can be completed with bangs for more dimension.

If you want a more youthful appearance, try transitioning from black to blonde highlights. The color will blend and camouflage your grey hairs while adding warmth to your complexion.

Another way to make a youthful appearance with a medium hairstyle is by wearing it in waves. These wavy locks will give you that pretty face-framing texture and bounce.

In addition to this, if you’re looking for a stylish alternative to the classic bob, try a textured shaggy lob, which will give your tresses a bit more texture than a straight bob.

This hairstyle will also help you if you have thick strands and are trying to find ways to add fullness. You can tame your tresses with tousling or even go for a balayage to get some extra colors in your mane.

Whether you’re searching for a flattering medium haircut or a more youthful look, you can’t go wrong with these glam looks!


There are several things that can make you look younger, including clothing, makeup, and hair. One of the easiest ways to change your appearance is to get a new haircut. The right cut and color can dramatically alter your look.

A long bob can look youthful and trendy, like this blonde balayage on Robin Wright’s hair. The light color makes her face appear larger and brighter, and the wavy texture distracts from the lines on her forehead.

Another way to look younger in your hair is to choose a style that flatters your face shape. This is especially true for women who are worried about the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have a square or oval face, you might want to try a pixie cut that features bangs to cover the forehead. Bangs can also highlight the eyes, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and add a youthful aspect to your facial features.

You can also opt for a short haircut that gives a lifted appearance. This is especially effective if you have thin or flat-looking hair that looks drab and lifeless.

The length of a woman’s hair can make her appear older or more mature than she actually is, according to many experts. In fact, some cultures view long hair as a symbol of old age or inferiority.

Historically, long hair was often associated with religion and culture. For example, Buddhist monks often shave their heads. Some conquering groups have even used long hair as a symbol of illegitimacy and inferiority.

In modern times, long hair is more common for women than men, although it still remains popular among some people around the world. In particular, the long hair of hippies and other counterculture figures is viewed as symbolic of rebellion.

In addition, some people think that long hair looks more attractive on women than it does on men. This is partly because it reflects a woman’s health and fertility, but it can also be due to a cultural affinity for longer hair.


A bob is probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to what length makes you look younger. It is a timeless cut that will flatter all hair types and can be styled in a variety of ways.

According to a survey conducted by the Society of Hairdressers, short hair can make anyone look more youthful. It can accentuate the best features of your face, like the cheekbones and eyes, while also hiding any flaws that can cause you to appear older than you are.

You can go for a sleek, modern top knot to really show off your mane or opt for a longer lob with blunt ends. Regardless of your haircut choice, be sure to pick up some styling tricks from your stylist to help you achieve the best look possible.

What’s more, shorter hair is easier to manage because it doesn’t require as much time to brush or comb. It’s also more likely to stay in place when you do put it up for the day, which means that you’ll spend less time fiddling with your tresses and more time enjoying your daily life.

For all the benefits that shorter hair brings, it can still be hard to decide which length is right for you. Here are a few suggestions for the best cut to suit your face shape, hair type and lifestyle: